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Lash and Waxing Services

Eyebrow Wax (From $15)

A nice brow clean up.

Brow Tint (From $20)

A natural tint just for your brows,

Classic Full Set (From $75)

Classic Lash Extensions.

Mega Volume Full Set (From $215)

The fullest of the full lashes!

Lash Lift and Tint (From $80)

Gives straighter lashes the lift that they need! Plus, a beautiful tint.

Microblade Retouch ($150)

Touching up the brows. 

Lip Wax (From $12)

An upper lip wax.

Half Spray Tan (From $15)

A spray tan for specified areas.

Hybrid Full Set (From $100)

A combination of classic and volume lashes.

Lash Fill (From $50)

Lash Extension maintenance. 

Lash Tint (From $20)

Tinting the eyelashes.

Yearly Microblade Retouch ($250)

Yearly Microblading maintenance. 

Chin and Cheek Wax (From $15)

Chin and cheek waxing.

Full Spray Tan (From $30)

A full spray tan,

Volume Full Set (From $125)

Full Volume Lash Extensions.

Lash Removal (From $20)

Removal of lashes.

Microblading ($350)

A semi-permanent technique of enhancing eyebrows. 

*All prices vary per stylist. Pricing is subject to change at any time.*

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